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Poonam Maini

Founder of Redsky Paradise and CEO of Travel Trunk Gift Hampers

Poonam Maini born and raised in Bedfordshire.

 A fun loving daughter and now a mum of one and a wife since 2016. Poonam love to travel, read, yoga, and shop till she drops!

 She's a qualified Marketer working for various sectors as a Marketing Manager since 2006. She has had experience of working within the education sector for the Local Government, Higher Education Sector, NHS and a Global Certification Body. She has also had the opportunity to work on some memorable campaigns such as the Love Luton Campaign, Picnic in the Park, Promoting the Government Working Tax Credit Scheme and worked on the marketing campaign for Luton’s 23 Children’s Centre’s.

Travel Business: Poonam started working within the Travel Industry just after her son was born. She wasn’t looking to go back into the corporate world, so she came across an opportunity to set up her own luxury travel agency Redsky Paradise through the support of a US based company called Inteletravel. Even in the mist of the pandemic, she could see the industry’s potential, and so built her brand and eventually launch her travel product the Travel Trunk Gift Hamper. During the pandemic, she even found time to study and qualify as a Travel Journalist.

The future for Redsky Paradise: To expand into the Corporate Travel Market and to continue growing the business successfully.

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