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18 – thirty something!

The 18- 35-year old’s (Generation Y/Z) now are known as the Young and Lively holidays makers. Those looking for excitement through nightclubs where they can dance all through the night and relax in the hot sunshine during the day.

Several specialist travel suppliers provide many holidays of this type and have some great deals to some of the most popular destinations.

Contitki is one that I would highly recommended, as they bring together travellers from all corners of the globe to discover new cultures and a little part of themselves along the way. They cover travel across 350+ global trips and they sort out the stressful stuff like transport and accommodation. Throughout the trip expert Trip Managers and Local Guides use their local insights to help you discover an authentic side to the places you visit.

When thinking about travel for the young and lively, there are many destinations that come to mind. This is because at this age the typical traveller, is one of a curious nature and full of energy to learn and party of course!

Here are some of my top recommendations:

Travel through South East Asia

Backpacking in South East Asia either alone or with friends is the first trip for so many traveller and for good reason. It’s easy to travel around, there are many other travellers along the route just like you, and you’ll usually know someone who’s done it before. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos are the usual suspects, just to name a few!

InteRail Europe

Europe is incredible, and totally underrated, especially by us Brits. There’s so much to see and do in every country, and there are many schemes set up to help the budget-minded stay for cheap. I’d recommend that you get yourself an Interrail ticket and explore!

Day of the Dead Festival Mexico

We’re all going to die, someday, so why not celebrate the fact instead of mourning it! Mexico’s Day of the Dead is one of the most intriguing and fascinating festivals there is, with graveside parties, specially made bread and parades through the street all night. People get dressed up and spend the 1st November singing in the cemeteries with Mariachi bands to keep the rhythm.

Island Hoping Greece

If you’re between the ages of 18 - 35 and you’ve been to Greece before, then chances are that you’ve probably visited Kos and Kavos with friends on two super chavvy holidays. I don’t think you’d would have even left the main strip. Now, there is so much available, such as – Sail Weeks, trips to artsy places like Hydra, or tours round Mykonos and Santorini.

Travel the Amazon

I mean, can you imagine the adventures you’ll have and the stories you’ll gather to tell everyone back home who’ve just been wasting their money on the weekend!

Spend just a few peaceful days on this incredible stretch of water in Brazil and you’ll probably see more wildlife than you’ve ever seen in your lifetime. It’ll be a trip to remember.

Visit Jerusalem

The epicenter of so many religions and fought over every single day. Jerusalem must be one of the most interesting places in the world to visit.

To see Jerusalem for what it is and not as a political or religious party will lead you to believe, you’ll need to take a few tours here.

Trek America

The USA has some of the most incredible scenery you could hope to see. The National Parks are home to some unbelievable views and the drives through are stunning. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail through California, Oregon, and Washington, or up the Half Dome in Yosemite Park or even Rainbow Point in Bryce Park, Utah.

Drink wine in Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the coolest and most surprising cities. Of course, I knew about South Africa’s wine heritage, but I never knew how interesting and open the country would be.

Their disturbing racial history is just one of the aspects that makes the country fascinating. People also visit for the art, the food and the adventure sports too.

Volunteer in a third world country

If you’re lucky enough to even think about doing some of the things on this list, I’d recommend you give back with a volunteering placement. You can find projects all over the world, from Costa Rica to Thailand, to India and beyond.

Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Located in Ambalangoda, the Southern province of Sri Lanka, this program invites you on several different volunteer experiences, including childcare, English teaching, medical care and much more. There’s plenty of opportunity for exploration, adventure and impactful volunteer work that you can take on in Sri Lanka.

Volunteer in Bali

Another wonderful opportunity to check out is Bali, Indonesia volunteer program, where you can care for children in need, teach English in a classroom, and much more.

Volunteer in Ghana

If you have always dreamed of visiting Africa, then you can try working on projects in Ghana, to support disabled children, teach English, provide medical care and even helping out with mental health and psychology initiatives. As a volunteer, can be based in an urban neighborhood of Kumasi, and have the chance to visit Cape Coast, Elmina, and Mole National Park.

Volunteer in Vietnam

Travel to Vietnam and work beside NGO professionals as a volunteer and gain experience in marketing and promotion! Put your writing and social media skills to great use while you learn about economic, environmental, and social issues in the developing world. If you have an affinity for graphic design or web development, your fresh new ideas and energy can make a difference with NGOs in need of extra help with fundraising, marketing, and more.

Volunteer in India

If you’re more interested in visiting India, then in Haryana be a part of a program that provides computer and vocational training for young women. Through this initiative, these women have a greater chance of employment and education success in what traditionally is a male-dominated community. Everyday skills that you may take for granted – such as sewing, arts and crafts, and even basic numeracy and English language – can help overcome cultural barriers, make new friends, and help these women build bright futures for themselves and for their families.

If you would like to try out a volunteer scheme, then I would recommend visiting the website: Plan My Gap Year for more information.

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