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Life as a Digital Nomad!

If you had a choice to work abroad, then from home would you take it? I mean why stay in Birmingham when you can work from Barbados or Bali! Well believe it or not, there are a group of globetrotters who are swapping their home office for sun, sand and speedy broadband!

Now a days, we don’t all have to be tied to our desks, the world can be our office and if that’s what you prefer, there are now places in the world that you can work from whilst enjoying the view.

Several countries have now tried to tempt us with this opportunity and working from Barbados is the latest craze!

Barbados have launched a one-year visa program, which allows remote workers to set up their desks anywhere they please and Estonia and Georgia, are to follow suit and offer the same type of service from September onwards.

We can expect more countries to switch their focus away from short-term tourism aimed at the uncertainty of the pandemic. However, choosing where to go is more than about obtaining a visa’s it is about house hunting and therefore, the primary focus is location, location, location! However, this time it’s more about co-working space, fast broadband speed and free wifi.

Some existing workers are leaving their 20-year careers to travel the world. They’re setting up a business that they can work on the goal and live the lifestyle they wish to lead. Life is too short and therefore, they believe this isn’t something just for the millenniums and were not all backpackers, so why not live the life we want to live, than the one we are asked to live! If you work from home, then this is a good time to start to think about expanding your horizons and working in places to suit you.

The type of people who would suit this type of lifestyle are those who are highly organised, productive people, and those who are focused on maintaining their physical and mental well-being. Even those with kids can take up this opportunity, especially those who are home schooled.

If you’re a boss then this can work in your favour too, as your team will feel more empowered to work remotely and take decisions confidently. Life can feel like one big holiday and it’s personal choice, if it’s a lifestyle you wish to pursuit. However, you can’t slack off because you’re working abroad, in fact you would probably be more committed to making the most of it and your mood will feel generally better.

A 3 bedroom town house in St James Barbados can cost £3,420pcm which includes, tennis courts and a communal swimming pool, or a 3 bedroom apartment in Venice overlooking the Rio Malpaga in San Barnaba (Italy) is £2,250pcm, prices can vary and cheaper options may be available but the views every morning, will take your breath ways and make you enjoy your working life.

People often imagine sitting on a beach with a laptop, thinking this not practical. However, the lockdown has led many of us to reconsider and start living the nomadic lifestyle.

Lockdown has changed the perspective of many and therefore looking for an alternative way of working is now priority for a healthy mental wellbeing.

Covid had reminded that we don’t all have to sit in an office and people shouldn’t be restricted by their jobs, as technology is now allowing us to connect from all over the world.

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