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Plan Your Perfect Staycation

With the lockdown easing soon, something tells me that people might not want to travel too far within the next few weeks. However, after being lockdown for over 3 months, people would still like to get out of their house and go somewhere for the summer holiday, as they may have got tired being indoors for so long.

One of my goals for this past year (and from now on) is to reduce my carbon footprint. Air travel is one of the most environmentally damaging ways to get around.

You honestly do not have to travel across the world to experience an adventure! UK has some nice hotspots which are beautiful to visit.

Experiencing a UK city/town on a whole new level will make you fall in love with travel all over again. So, how do you transform a week or weekend into an unforgettable retreat?

Here is my guide on how to plan the perfect staycation!

Plan & Schedule

Firstly, schedule out the date(s) as you would do when your planning your holiday. This will make you feel like you are planning to get away and also, you’ll start looking forward to it.

Once you’ve set the date, start searching for inspiration. Look for unique experiences and interesting activities, then write up an itinerary.

Book a Hotel Room/Cabin/Villa/Cottage/AirBnb’s

Whatever you fancy start booking it. It will surely be nicer than staying at home. If hotels are your thing then start there. It might actually be nice to have some room service for a change. Or looking to a family cabin with a personalized hot tub and surround yourself around acres of countryside land. This could be extremely exciting for the keen hikers.

It all depends on the location, however there’re some really good offers on UK staycations at the moment, so it worth you keeping an eye out. For a city break I would suggest a nice swanky hotel, however, for a countryside break I would definitely recommend a country cabin. It would be nice to go out walks and bike ride in the open air and make it feel like you’ve actually taken some time out of work to do something different than staying at home.

Be a Tourist

Every single person I talk to tells me the same thing: they’ve never taken the time to explore their own backyard.

Change that! Explore those historical sites and landmarks. See the city/town through fresh eyes.

Get around to those places you’ve never been and search for tours. Look for something that’ll give you a deeper dive into the town that you’ve never seen before. Think food or wine tours, guided history explorations, or even a haunted ghost walk.

Photography tours are a prime way to find gorgeous views and to snap those breathtaking shots that you pass by too often.

Take a New Mode of Transportation

Find a new way to get around: bike, walk, bus, or Uber. Although do it safely following the government guidelines and precautions.

Who cares if it’s not the fastest way? This is your time to do something different. Whatever you normally do, skip it during your staycations.

Taking a different path will give you a new perspective and open your eyes to people, places, and things that tend to be off your radar. I’ve always found that public transport is the best way to get to know the local culture. If you drive most of the time, you miss a whole other side of the city or town your in.

Try a New Restaurant

Who says you need to travel to experience foods from around the world? The city/town your visiting, probably has a lot of hidden gems that you’ve never got to experience.

Make it a point to try new foods during your staycations.

Read about foodie treats from around the world. Make a list of the ones you want to try then turn it into a scavenger hunt to find them on your trip.

Go Off the Grid

One of my key elements for a perfect staycation is to disconnect. Turn off your phone. Do a social media detox. Ignore your emails.

Make your very best effort to embrace the present moment. Time will suddenly start to slow down and you can relish your time to unwind.

Cross Something Off Your Bucket List

Now is the time to plan unique activities. Is there a class you’ve been wanting to take? Tap into a passion for dance, horseback riding, or whatever has caught your eye.

Look for fun one-time activities too. See if there is something adventurous or different in your city/town. Try rock climbing. Find out if you’re any good at axe throwing. Go crazy with it and you’ll create memories.

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