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Planning The Perfect Babymoon!

Last week was about honeymoons, so it’s only natural to follow suit and this week discuss Babymoons!

Speaking from personal experience, this is something you should all experience, especially if this is your first baby! I remember back in the 80’s my mum had a babymoon, when she was pregnant with my brother and from the pictures, it looks like she had a fabulous time with my dad in Amsterdam. Fast forward 30 years and naturally, I wanted to do the same too. If you’re ready to carve out some time for yourself before the little one comes along, you need a babymoon just for you and your partner. It’s prime time to cherish the little moments before your little one arrives!

What is a Babymoon?

A babymoon is kind of like the honeymoon of having a baby, y’know hence the name. It’s the last chance for you and your baby daddy to get away and enjoy some alone time as a couple, before you become a trio in the not-too-distant future. It’s a chance to relax whilst you’re pregnant. It's a chance to maybe have a mocktail and a pregnancy massage. It’s pretty much a trip where you’re allowed to be completely self-indulgent before the little one comes along and becomes the centre of your world for the rest of your lives.

My babymoon was in the South France and I cannot describe how much fun I had. The weather was perfect, the food was amazing, and the views were phenomenal. Sun, sand and sea was an understatement, when you’re in the Cote d’ Azur.

Things to consider

For babymoons, most ladies find the second trimester to be the best time to travel because the morning sickness is (typically) behind you but it’s still easy enough to get around.

Some airlines do often require a medical certificate to travel after 28 weeks, and the travel window closes around week 36. Of course, like all things in your pregnancy, babymoons are not one size fits all and you’ll have to consider, what makes the most sense for you.

Where should I have my Babymoon?

This can be anywhere from countryside getaway; city breaks to sun and sea.

A quaint cottage, scenic walks and warm, cosy pubs which will serve the best roast dinners and delicious desserts. This might be nice for anyone who’s not feeling too adventure and is hating the idea of flying long-haul, whilst carrying extra weight.

City break is ideal for couples who may not want to lay by the pool the whole time of their babymoon. Sight-seeing (without a baby in tow) will feel extra special with your partner. You can still stay out late and enjoy the local mocktails!

Sun and sea Those that do want to just relax and not move a muscle, a beach holiday will be right up your street. Whether you book an apartment or a hotel, just make sure the beach is sandy, the walk from your room is short and the local food is what you fancy.

My recommendation Travelling while pregnant can be fun but also you will get tired more easily therefore, I recommend travel closer to home as possible. European destinations are the best, as you still feel like your going somewhere but you won’t have to travel for long hours.

Positano This cliff-side town on southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast is everything you’ve ever wanted from Europe and so much more. Do a local walk to really get the opportunity to soak it in. And don’t forget the Italian food! You’ll be in absolute heaven with all the pizza, pasta, and cheese!

South of France As you know, I adore the French Rivera. A world away from hustle and bustle of Paris, the quaint towns and villages dotting the landscape have so much to offer.

Mallorca The heart of Spain’s Mediterranean Balearic Islands, Mallorca is another top pick if you love the beach and want to soak in the Med vibe.

Top tips for travelling mum-to-be

  1. Avoid holidays which include skiing or diving and don’t travel anywhere that has a high altitude.

  2. Avoid countries which are known for their mosquitoes – they don’t mix with pregnant women.

  3. Take all your medical notes from doctors and midwife appointments, just in case you need them or you need any medication whilst you’re away.

  4. If you can choose your seat on the airplane when you book your babymoon, always opt for the aisle seat. It will make it much easier for the multiple trips to the loo because you’ll need to drink plenty of water to prevent getting dehydrated.

Things to pack

Packing for a babymoon can be tricky, what to get and what not to take? Here’s some essential items that I feel would be useful for your trip:

• Lip balm • Neck pillow • Large tote bag so you can keep your essential items in there • Headphones • Comfy shoes • Loose clothing, as the heat can make your body expand, if you’re travelling somewhere hot • Suncream • Hat • Deep heat cream, as your back will start to hurt at some point from all the sightseeing

Final though

My biggest tip would be when planning a trip, it’s crucial to consider what kind of experience you want to have and look at access to medical care en route. Of course, Zika-free/malaria-free are key but it’s also important to trust your gut. Be realistic about what you are comfortable with, then go for it!

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