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Some Me Time Away!

If you’ve been thinking more and more about sustainable travel recently, and are wondering how you can combine your passions of travel and sustainability, then here are my top 3 destinations!

It's so important to connect travel, wellness, personal development and the environment in a positive way, so take a look and be sure to book in some me time soon!


The Portuguese archipelago of the Azores is an outdoor adventure-lovers’ playground, with waterfall hikes, volcanic trails, unspoilt golf courses and eco-conscious whale watching tours available to travellers throughout the year. The islands are known for conserving their rich bio and geodiversity as well as using renewable energy sources to reduce their impact on the planet. While a flight to the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean may take a little longer, at least you’ll know you will have minimal effect on Mother Nature when you get there!


The rustic island of Gozo (next to Malta) is a wonderful choice for European travellers looking for a relaxing yet responsible beach destination. The waters around this small island have been certified as ‘excellent’ and the food scene here is big on serving up local, organic produce in new and interesting ways. They have even put in place an “Eco-Gozo island 2020” strategy which promotes eco-education, organic food production and NGO projects.


The tiny tropical island of Palau relies on eco-tourism to both sustain the local economy and to preserve the natural environment and marine life that makes this destination so special. The island is home to a shark sanctuary that enables research to be carried out while also protecting the species. While Palau is quite a far-flung destination for travellers from the US and Europe, it is a great sustainable option for those travelling from Australia and New Zealand.

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