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Top five destinations for 2023

Most major travel publications have released their top travel destinations for 2023.

These five destinations below overlapped the most in the reports, indicating they are high on the best places to visit in 2023 according to American Express 2023 Trending Destinations, Lonely Planet, Travel + Leisure, Fodor’s, Conde Nast Traveler and Forbes.

FRANCE. From Paris to Marseille, France is the most sought after destination for 2023, having appeared in almost all the top lists for 2023 travel.

The cities and regions that made lists include: Paris by American Express, Marseille by Lonely Planet, The Jura wine Region by T+L, Megeve by Forbes and the Loire Valley named by Conde Nast Traveler.

UNITED KINGDOM. Not only did Travel + Leisure name the entire country of The United Kingdom on their 2023 list (versus specific cities, towns or regions), Conde Nast Traveler named Wales, Fodor’s named Rye, and both National Geographic and Lonely Planet named Manchester, England as top 2023 destinations, not to mention Time Out also included Manchester as the 4th best UK city to visit in 2023.

According to RateGain, Kingston upon Thames, Ealing, Kensington and Chelsea, Wandsworth and Camden are the highest demand regions.

We can thank Ted Lasso, The Crown, Enola Holmes, Bridgerton and many other popular British series that have inspired travellers to seek out the UK, as TV-themed itineraries are on the rise, according to The New York Times.

In Expedia Group’s Traveller Value Index 2023, among travellers surveyed from the US, 68% said they considered visiting a destination after seeing it in a show or movie on a streaming platform – and 61% of those travellers booked a trip based on this viewing alone.

PORTUGAL. Portugal is hot for 2023. Conde Nast Traveler US named Melides, Portugal; CN Traveller UK named Lisbon and Madeira; American Express named Lisbon; and Alentejo by Forbes.

NEW MEXICO. Known for its stunning desert landscapes and national parks, New Mexico was named by Lonely Planet as a top 2023 destination, as well as Travel Lemming, a reputable travel website with 6 million unique monthly visitors.

GERMANY. Munich is seeing explosive growth in travel, according to Expedia Group’s Traveller Value Index 2023, and Lonely Planet named Dresden as a top 2023 destination.

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