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When a hotel nails it!

Yep, you read that right! This hotel lives up to its expectation and more…

We’ve visited many hotels in our lifetime, but this tops the lot (well in my opinion!) Cue surprise mini break staycation 2! Harbour Hotel Southampton has been top of my list for many years now and I can’t tell you the amount times, I’ve goggled it and looked at the pictures. It’s one of the finest and I always wanted to try it out, so my husband went and booked it without me knowing and asked me to just drive to Southampton. I didn’t ask and just drove to the end of the country-practically!

When I pulled up in the car park, I couldn’t believe my eyes…the view of the marina was in front of me, and it was gorgeous even on a cloudy day. There were boats all parked along the side and I could not help but think, “ah what life would be like to own one of these- lol” They all stood neatly alongside one another and each boat’s name, was so intriguing to read!

The walk into the grand entrance was a windy one, but my word was the entrance grand! It was huge and the building was purposely built in a ship shape made out a glass exterior.

The service inside was impeccable and the ambience felt light airy, as if you were onboard a cruise. We manage to get a suite room on the 4th floor (hubby did well with his surprise), which included a large bed, a space for a mini bed for my son, a mini kitchen (bit like an apartment), lounge area with complimentary gin and sherry as welcome drinks, binoculars to see the view, large bathroom with his and her sinks (my ultimate dream) and a large balcony with a gorgeous view of the marina out-front.

After checking out the room we headed to the 6th floor where the bar and restaurant was situated. They even had outdoor seating however, it was too cold to sit so we stay inside and watched the view. The specialty of the restaurant is stone baked pizzas, and they make them in front of you, so it’s worth a try. They had the flame grilled flavour, which was divine, but the menu was slightly limited. I thought maybe they could do seasonal flavours or have an option to create your own version. The drinks, however, were on point! Each cocktail that I ordered was made correctly and tasted great. The champagne and wine list were also varied, so there was a lot to choose from. The staff were all so friendly and helpful not a single person made you feel out of place. It is recommended that if you wish to dine in the main restaurant, do book in advance as they are very busy.

The next morning, after a delicious breakfast again on the 6th floor, we decided to take a walk around the marina, looking at the boats and with the fresh air hitting your face, it all felt like a dream!

An average Studio Suite with Balcony Room (which is what we had) costs around £325 per night, so it’s worth saving up your pennies for this one. However, I would recommend it for a special occasion.

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