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My Journey

I'm a working mum who wanted to leave the corporate lifestyle and do something different.

After working for over 20 years in the marketing industry, day in day out, I wanted to try something new and run a business of my own.

When this opportunity came my way, at the time it was a no brainier for me, as I wanted to be successful on my own and use my skills to make money for ME and not my bosses. 

I was obsessed with travelling, so it was natural for me to adapt my skills to this business. It meant that I could get paid to book my own holidays, as well as, my family and friends.

The best part was that I could create a lifestyle where I can gain complete autonomy and financial independence. Which means, I could work when and where ever, I wished to do so and I could build a revenue stream, where I get paid every month without fail.

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Traveling Girl

What are the benefits of becoming an independent travel agent

  • Earn commission for everything you book, whether it be a hotel, flight, tour, activity, theatre ticket, transfer, car hire etc

  • Get access to some of the best travel deals out there for both yourself and your family/friends/clients

  • Join a community of like minded people who are travel obsessed entrepreneurs who will give you 1:1 support to help develop your growth

  • Work from anywhere, everywhere, anytime you decide

  • Earn money from additional source of income

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