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Solo travelling with kids!

We all know that solo travel is becoming a growing trend. In fact, according to ABTA around 15% of travellers took a trip on their own in the last year and the age range that showed the biggest increase was of 35-44-year-olds.

Having the opportunity to do whatever they wanted was the most common reason, while taking time out and meeting new people have become less important, according to the report.

However, on the flip side, many people listen to the naysayers right from the start and get it into their heads that solo travel is unsafe, boring or lonely. That they should stay at home because the world is too dangerous, and no one loves them enough to go with them. This is ridiculous!

The main reasons, as to why people choose to travel solo, is they can choose to do whatever they like whenever they like. However, when they're single parents this slogan can be a tad bit difficult to believe in.

Why, well…travelling solo, with kids sounds like an oxymoron – how can you be alone when you have little people with you? – but as any parent who has hit the road without a co-pilot knows, it’s very much a one-person show.

A single-parent traveller will bring a host of unexpected challenges, all of which can be overcome. Travelling solo with kids is even better than travelling solo!

Some parents have to travel solo with kids because their partner is working, not interested in travelling, or are otherwise incapacitated. Others travel with their kids because they’re single parents. If that is the case, you’re probably used to some of the logistics required, but you might not be prepared for the experiences you’re to have.

There are many positives and negatives when travelling with kids however, they can be overcome if you plan and organise your trip beforehand. For example, be prepared to eat early, as your mealtimes will probably revolve around the kids, especially if they are incredibly young. Also, ensure that your well-stocked first-aid kit with all the essential medicine you will need if you get struck down by a tummy bug or someone gets a cut or bruise.

The other thing to keep in mind is the question your child might get asked at the airport, where is your mummy/daddy? Therefore, it is recommended that you carry their birth certificate, just in case. Also, you might feel lonely on the trip on occasions, however there are many positives that can overcome this loneliness. For example, you and your children will see things a new perspective. Sometime being aboard can make children well behaved and helpful, as they too are in an unfamiliar environment. Also, being aboard can help to broaden their knowledge, increase their confidence, and help them become more cultural.

However, if you want to get a feel for travelling with your kids but you’re not ready to go on a fully independent adventure, there are now tours available that will let you having life-changing experiences along with other like-minded families.

So, if travelling is your dream, if you are feeling homesick for somewhere you have never been, then think about taking that trip with you kids SOLO! You will not regret it and you may even find you prefer it!

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